I’m baring it all – Honesty and Accountability

Opportunity in Challenges

Hey Friends!

I had a pretty rough week last week. I’m being honest with you because quite frankly- it’s easy to write positive things and dole out advice in blogs and pretend that we are perfect and have everything together. In reality – no one is “perfect”, especially not me (and I definitely don’t think I am). “Perfect” is kind of a silly word anyways – it is an ideal that changes depending on who we are, where we come from, and what state our mind is in.

We shouldn’t strive for perfection – but improvement. Knowing that we can always be better, and not putting ourselves down for not being something unattainable is a healthier mindset. So saying all that – last week I had a bit of a breakdown. It had been brewing for awhile. I’ve been wearing myself down bit by bit over the past 4 months. For those that don’t know the intimate details of my life – I am a full-time engineer with a full-time passion for fitness and health. I have been working with an amazing company called Blitz Conditioning Inc (website here) building their Calgary chapter. I started a two-year distance-learning program through the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in April 2013. I juggle a full-time job, a part-time training business (which I hope to be full time ASAP), and part-time study program. I am not complaining by any means – I am so excited being at this point in my life (it wasn’t even one year ago when the thought of being where I am now was a mere hope). That doesn’t make it a walk in the park though. Going for your dreams is not easy, and anyone who has ever become very successful would tell you they worked their butts off for it. I truly believe that.

So last week I think everything caught up with me. I had a confrontation with a good friend and mentor. In that conversation I was forced to face some realities – I had made mistakes in the past few months. I had hurt her and caused her to feel betrayed by not being mindful in my work. I had also made mistakes in the past few months by letting my emotions get the best of me which caused me to say things that were hurtful. All of this has made me realized that I need to be more thoughtful about what I say and write, and more mindful about how my actions impact others thoughts and feelings.

Facing those mistakes and owning up to them was extremely tough, but in the end provided me good lessons to learn moving forwards. As I was beating myself up about those mistakes for two days I began to doubt everything I’ve been doing. I began to doubt my ability to move forwards and make progress in my business. I felt low and unmotivated. I spent the weekend being with those feelings, and sleeping, which made me even more unmotivated. Unmotivated to exercise, to work, to do much of anything.

Leigh Noelle Chmilar Change Your Attitude, Change Your Life QuoteToday I remembered that I have a choice. I am not helpless in this world, and sulking won’t take me out of this feeling. The only thing that will change the negative thoughts and feelings are my actions. The choices we make and the attitudes we have towards life’s challenges will ultimately shape what happens next. It doesn’t mean I have to pretend that things aren’t hard. I do however, need to take each challenge as an opportunity to learn. The most successful people make mistakes all the time, but they learn from them, and are stronger and better because of them. Part of what I’ve learned for myself is that I need to be honest and accountable to people. So my first step in learning from these past few months is sharing this with you all so that I am now accountable to you.

The only way that I will be able to continue to juggle these demands is by taking care of my health (physical, mental and spiritual!) and building a schedule and sticking to it. So here are three things that I am committing to doing everyday for at least 60 days (to build a solid habit – thanks Marie Forleo):

  1. Yoga/Meditation in the morning. Even 10 minutes of yoga an/or meditation will help reset my mind and body before each day.
  2. Exercise. I need to get fairly high-intensity exercise 5-6 days per week. I get a little carazay when I don’t…and I always feel more productive, and positive when I get a daily sweat on!
  3. Following my schedule so that I can build the routine of work, study-time and self-care to ensure I reach my goals and get my Nutrition Certification on time without getting too overwhelmed…

So by committing to doing these three things everyday (and I will check in on Twitter to stay accountable), I hope to feel more motivated, healthy and energized as I progress in this transitional stage of my life. Follow me on twitter (@LNChmilar) if you are curious to check in with my progress.

If any of this resonated with you – please share in the comments! I’d love to hear about things that you are committing to doing to move closer to your goals and dreams, and tips or advice about what you do to stay on track in your life 🙂

Thank you for reading!

Sending Love,


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  1. Every day this month, as part of my monthly fitness, fun & faith in me challenge, I have committed to discover a new blog/blogger friend. Today I choose you. Your post drew me in. I was searching challenges – looking to find someone who was also doing a monthly challenge, but your words made me choose you. First off, your honesty and the accountability you accept, bravo! So few people do this. Secondly, the “we shouldn’t strive for perfection – but improvement”. That really resonates with me now. Thirdly, I am inspired by your making a commitment to focusing on what you need to do to get where you want to be. I look forward to reading more about you and getting to know you better!


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