When Sh*t gets Crazy…Re-check, Re-move, and Re-lax

Do yoga to relax your body and calm your mind

Do yoga to relax your body and calm your mind

Hey Everybody!

Since my last post I have been feeling like I am in a bit of chaos. Mostly because I’m not used to having a schedule that is constantly changing, and no desk to sit at all day…

I’m totally happy for it too, because it means I’m stepping towards that big dream I have for myself. Still, it doesn’t make it easy! Last night I was actually scrambling to complete some work I had agreed to do for someone, and every time I sat down to do it I got uber stressed about it. Mostly because I thought it was silly work (only doing it to get a bit of extra cash), and it’s taking time out of my day to do the things I need to be productive in my business. My roommate said to me last night: “You are giving off the most stressful energy whenever you work on that. You are totally not yourself, and you are staying up late, and then not getting sleep for tomorrow and doing it all again!”.

“Is what I’m doing getting me closer to any of these goals?”

I so needed that outside viewpoint to realize that I needed to let it go. So I thought about the three most important steps I could take to get all this “chaos” under control.

1. Re-check Your Goals: 

If you aren’t goal-setting already then get on it!!! There are tons of resources out there for goal setting. I’ve got a post right here to help get you started. So once you set yourself some time-sensitive, realistic but awesome goals, you need to check in with them every once in awhile. I like monthly and quarterly to be honest. And since September is here I’m going to use this opportunity to do that.

Have a look at your goals (you should have them posted somewhere so you can see them everyday). Then look at what you are doing in your life and ask this question:

– “Is what I’m doing getting me closer to any of these goals?” If no, then either let it go, or change your goals (sometimes they need changing as we grow!).

You need to ask this for every single part of your life. If you are doing something that is not in line with you succeeding where you want, then it is not serving you. If you are doing something that is not in line with your value system, then you will not be your best doing it.

2. Re-move, and Remove:

That wasn’t a typo. I’m a big believer in moving the body, and it definitely helps us to think more clearly. Go for a walk, a spin class, or whatever you love to do that involves moving your body and getting out of the house.

Write down all the tasks/work/plans that you have coming up that are not in line with your values and that are not going to help you move towards your goals. Then remove them from your life. It’s not always easy, but it will help you in the long run to reduce stress, and ensure that you stay on track in your life and work.

3. Relax!

This one is hard for me. Not that I don’t LOVE relaxing, but I take on so much (ahem, point #2), that I often feel the pressure and just end up go-go-going. It’s so important to take time for yourself in the day (book it!) so that you can reset yourself and then bring your best into the other aspects of your life. You lose brain power cumulatively for every day that you get less sleep and rest than you need. This means that you will be less and less effective the less you rest…ugh. So I went to sleep – even though I had a ton to do. I woke up feeling rested and motivated to complete the tasks I had been putting off. Win-win!

Try these out, and lemme know how they work for you – or include other tips that you use to get outta chaos!

Lotsa Love,


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