A New Year – New Goals, New Perspectives

Another year flew by and we are already almost done the first month of 2014! 2013 was such a whirlwind that I can’t believe I’m already into a new year. You probably feel the same way – where does the time go!?

Dr.-Suess QuoteMy perspective has changed a lot – many things happened, including me quitting a stable, well-paying engineering job to pursue my passion – fitness and nutrition. The past 4 months have absolutely been the hardest yet – even harder than making the decision to give it all up! However, I’m excited about what 2014 has in store next!

Over the last few months, I got incredibly stressed and doubtful of myself, and with the help of my friends and support system, I went back to remembering that we are who we choose to be. We are how hard we work, we are the energy we give others, and we have the choice in how we conduct ourselves, what we do with our time, and how our life ultimately plays out. There is no room for fear or doubt, because as my beautiful friend and mentor, Jennifer Powter coached me: “fear will paralyze you, so you need to continue to move forward, and stay rooted in meaningful action”. That one is written in my daily journal for me to remember because any doubt that enters my mind comes from fear. Knowing that you have the choice to make something happen for yourself is the first step to empowering yourself to do it. You can be bigger than your fears, and the more you decide to move, and the attitude you hold while moving, will shrink those fears and propel you to success.

If it were easy - everyone would do it. It's the fact that it is hard that makes it special.

If it were easy – everyone would do it. It’s the fact that it is hard that makes it special.

So it’s time to set new goals for yourself. REAL goals that are realistic and right for you. Dream big about your future, and then work backwards to determine the steps you will need to take over the next 10 years, 5 years, and 1 year – to get you there. Read my blog on visualization to dream about your ideal life and self. Then create a vision for yourself that makes you feel excited, and happy. A lot of my clients that have goals have struggled for years in the same place and have become used to not achieving their dream (weight loss, faster race, toned tummy, etc). They then actually believe that they don’t deserve those things: to be healthy, feel good, LOVE the way they look. Why can’t everyone achieve what they want? I’ll tell you why: because they aren’t willing to work for it. You need to know that getting started and going for what you want is NOT easy, but if you want it bad enough – it is worth the effort.

fear will paralyze you… so stay rooted in meaningful action

Then create a plan on how you will get there. If it is to get in shape, eat better or sleep more, first create a measurable target for it with a realistic deadline. Then you decide how you will do it. Will you hire a trainer? Will you buy a book and follow their method? Will you track your food every day and reflect on your eating habits? Try anything – and DO SOMETHING. If you stick with it long enough (it may take months), then you will absolutely see progress. Ensure you are tracking progress to keep yourself motivated to be consistent. It’s such a simple process, but so many people fall short because they allow life and stress to overcome and overwhelm them, and put what really matters to them aside.

So once you determine WHAT you want, you need to decide how bad you are willing to work to have it. Do you want to feel good about yourself when you look in the mirror?

Stay tuned for my next blog on what I’m committing to doing for the next month 😉

Love, Leigh

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