Tips for Long Term Fitness Success

March is the perfect time to settle into some solid routines. We’ve set goals in January, got a bit more focused and settled in February after the Holiday/New Years craze dies down, and now it’s time for some spring cleaning. Just like we re-organize our closets and garages in the spring, we can also spring-clean our exercise and nutrition habits. The time is now to get into some solid routines that will set us up for success in achieving our goals by the summertime!

Here are my top 5 Tips for re-organizing your routines to create lasting results:

1. Clean Up that Pantry: No joke, if you haven’t eaten it or made anything with something in your pantry for over a year, chances are you won’t, and it’ll go bad (if it isn’t already). Do a big clean out of the pantry. Often you’d be surprised at the stuff you bought that you’ll likely never use. It’ll not only clear out clutter, but you’ll be  doing your health a favour by ridding your house of unnecessary processed foods.

2. Shop the Perimeter: This has been said over and over again, but it is absolutely true. Once you establish a rule of only shopping around the perimeter of the grocery store, you will find that your shopping gets done WAY faster, you save money (by not buying un-needed items), and you’ll start trimming that waistline. The perimeter of the grocery store contains all the essentials you need: Fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs and dairy if you’re into that, and meats.

The perimeter of the grocery store contains all the essentials you need

I pre-shred veggies that I'll quickly sauté for a healthy easy meal!

I pre-shred veggies that I’ll quickly sauté for a healthy easy meal!

3. Prepare healthy Snacks ahead of time: The more readily available snacks you have, the more success you’ll see by not indulging in unhealthy convenience foods. Every sunday I wash and chop veggies and pre-bag them (about 6 bags for the week) so that I take raw veggies to munch on with hummus or dressing every day. If you want tips on food prep, go ahead and check out my food prep post 😉

4. Commit to A Fitness Class or Trainer: It’s easier to exercise when people are telling you what to do (no joke!).  Whether it’s a date with a friend or on your own, find a class (yoga, spin, HIIT, etc) or hire a trainer that you can commit to. If the time works for you, commit to going every week, and it’ll build a nice routine that you’ll soon find blasting stress and giving you even more energy!

Find a friend to workout with and make it a weekly appointment!

Find a friend to workout with and make it a weekly appointment!

5. Find a Friend: Make a fitness or food prep appointment with friends or loved ones! You’ll be spending quality time on a regular basis with people who lift you up and support you, you’ll be held accountable to your goal by sharing it with someone, and you’ll be supporting them to lead a healthier life. When we surround ourselves with a community of like-minded people, we are sure to succeed. Make a run/walk date with your spouse, or shop and prep food with a friend or kids to make it more fun!

If you can implement ONE of these strategies in March – you’ll be on your way to creating better routines that will get your healthier, trimmer, and more fit every day 🙂

Lotsa Love,


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