Have Your Fun and Fitness Too: With Group Training!

I get so excited about sharing my love for fitness with people, so when someone reaches out and shares it with another – I am elated! Sahar and Ruby are clients of mine, they are cousins, and great friends. Sahar began training with me this January, and soon enrolled Ruby to sweat along with her! These girls share candidly what it’s like for them to start a journey in fitness:

Planking with a buddy - way more fun and challenging ;)

Planking with a buddy – way more fun and challenging 😉

Introduce yourself, and your background with fitness!

S: My name is Sahar, and I work in customer service to save money for medical school, which I am starting in the fall. I have not had that much of a history with fitness. Gym class in grade school is as close as I have been to being active.

R: I am Ruby and I just graduated from medical school. The stress and commitment of school caused my weight to yo-yo. I was always stuck between hours of grueling studying, which led to stress eating, followed by panic induced crash diets. I have tried every trendy diet: HCG, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Atkins, Dr. Bernstiens, all with only temporary success. Physical activity was limited to things such as the elliptical, boxing & martial arts classes, ballet and yoga. While they certainly had their benefits, strength training with Leigh makes me feel stronger than ever.

Q: Why did you seek out a personal trainer?

S: I was always the “fat girl”. Just like Ruby, I have tried numerous times to lose weight and be healthy but always failed. I would lose a few pounds here or there but never made lasting change. What really got me on this path was two years ago I was at my biggest and feeling really down. To help me, my brother asked advice from a VERY good friend of his (AKA LEIGH J), to support me to make some changes. Leigh advised my brother to check out a Calgary-based weight loss coaching company (Fit Metabolism) that would teach me the right lifestyle changes I needed to be successful. It was very difficult, but I was successful in losing 70 lbs, without exercise! Now my weight loss has plateaued, and I want to feel strong, so I asked my brother about training with Leigh.

R: Personally, I was Tired of punishing myself when I lost control of my weight. So I decided to get fit, not just for big events, for everyday life.  And Sahar couldn’t stop talking about her AMAZING trainer, so how could I not join up?

Q: What changes have you noticed so far, and how do they feel?

S: I am very hard on myself and until I see what I want (my big goal) I see nothing. After the initial 70 lbs, I have lost 7 more with Leigh, and more than 3 inches. I know I feel A LOT better. Adopting this lifestyle has given both Ruby and I more energy, and has made a difference in our physical fitness level. We both feel strong and more confident with being ourselves, considering Leigh makes us work hard enough that our make-up runs down our faces  (and we used to care, but have learned it’s futile)…

Personal Training…has taught me what an effective workout feels like

Q: What is still challenging for you?

S: Sticking to it is the most challenging. I want to see change immediately, and it’s hard to resist temptation of being lazy, or eating what I know I not to eat. But it’s worth it in the end, and it gets easier when I am reinforced by my clothes getting loose. I’ve learned to see when my portions are off, and how to plan out my week if there is a birthday coming up that I want to share with someone! All the so-called “sacrifice” is worth it when I put my clothes on and am told I look pretty darn good!

R. The hardest part is watching my diet and controlling my stress eating. The trick Leigh taught me was to journal all my food and it works great.

Sahar holding a wall sit while Ruby slams the medicine ball

Sahar holding a wall sit while Ruby slams the medicine ball

Q: What have you enjoyed about the personal training?

S: I FINALLY FEEL SORE AFTER WORKING OUT!!! But really, it has taught me what an effective workout feels like. I have been doing squats for years, and have never done them right until now. It helps with the way my body feels too. Slowly and surely my body is going from “mushy” to hard – and that motivates me. When I have done a good workout I feel much more motivated to keep doing what I’m doing and not go home and eat cheesecake.

 R: I love it! Having a friend to work out with is a lot more fun. Leigh really motivates you and gives you the confidence to push yourself out of your comfort zone. Now I feel that my body has the potential to do many “uncomfortable” things, I never thought I would be able to do.

Q: Where are you at in your journey?

S: I’m still continuing with my first goal and getting to my goal weight. Leigh and Ruby have been a great support system. She is changing my body slowly, and getting me to where I need to be, at a sustainable pace. And I know that with her help I will reach where I want to be and keep it there!

R: Currently, with Leigh and Sahar’s support, I am trying to get stronger. I also would like to train myself to feed my body right, rather than punish it with poor choices.

 Q:  What do you love about working out with a friend? 

S: It’s super fun! We motivate each other and provide support, even when we are both being tortured by Leigh! But it has become something we look forward to. I get to kill two birds with one stone: hanging out with my friends and getting girl talk three times a week with a hard workout!

 R: It is definitely nice to know that someone else is struggling through the same battle as you. That sense of community gives me the second wind when I feel like giving up. We are both so motivated to achieve our goals, we are able to go out to restaurants and share meals that fit our daily food plans. It is great to be on the same page, and have someone support what you are doing, instead of sabotaging it! No one wants to hide in the corner with bags full of lettuce and celery. I would recommend having a workout friend to anyone. It’s like having a teammate!

We will definitely continue our journey together, and keep you posted as to our progress!

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